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The recreation vehicle "Quadro" celebrates its world premiere on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company. The partially integrated motor home based on the Fiat Ducato offers four fully functional beds at 6.74 metres in length. There are two layouts and five engine variants with performance between 75 kW/100 HP and 115 kW/157 HP. The rear axle track of the chassis of this recreational vehicle has been widened to improve handling. A special feature in the interior design is the sleeping area, placed in the center of the vehicle, which is located at a height of 195 cm x 143 cm as a lifting bed of the seating area. An additional two person bed is located in the rear.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary of the Hymer car 322 is the launching of a compact recreational vehicle based on the Fiat Ducato. The RV with a length of six meters is available in five different colors, has angled windows giving it a modern look. Inside is enough room for the best of floor plans which includes a mini dining area, kitchenette, bathroom and rear bed which sleeps two to three people.

For the RV motor home, there are two engines in several versions of 74 kW/100 HP to 116 kW/157 HP in performance. In addition, the company introduces the Special Edition of "Forever Young" Eriba-Touring RV motorhome series.

The alcove model is based on the Ford Transit with 103 kW/140 HP performance. The interior has bright furniture in a pear tree style which can accomodate six people. The special model has as standard many features such as front passenger airbag, central locking, and electric windows on board.

The liberty TI 663 RV motorhome is a partially integrated sister model. Two more recreation vehicle models are the 563 HTD 473 TE and the Ambassador. The outer body is white hammered sheet metal for both models and accomodates two persons. They provide significant price advantages to buyers with many additional features.

The Westfalia is a prototype of the new West van Ford transit base in the foreground. Three motors of choice will be available ranging from 85 kW/103 PS 147 kW/200 hp. With a length of 6.26 meters and a fixed rear bed for a total of two or three beds on board. A spacious rear storage area is also suited to take bikes or scooters on your vacations. This Class B motorhome is available for the price of $70,000.

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